From the Pastor

                                                        FOCUS: God’s Greatest Gift
I am thankful to our Lord for many things, and among them are the many things our church does in Jesus’ name for children. In recent weeks our church playground has been renovated by gifts & volunteers who love Christ’s children. Our Methodist Men have reached out to assist our local school children through this fine weekend food backpack program. Our Kids Club on Wednesdays is the finest in town and has grown with many new children. And our Mothers Day Out continues to lead in the preparation of children for kindergarten.  Nothing you do for a child is wasted. So I thank God for the many ministries that take place daily and weekly in Jesus’ name in and through our Methodist Church. I look forward to seeing you and your family in Sunday school and worship this
In Christ’s love,
Bro. Daniel  

Youth Director Position

15 hrs. per week

Sunday morning & evening,

and Wednesday after school

& occasional weekend activities

Salary:  $12,000

Job Description available via e mail

Start date:  February  10, 2019

Snail Mail or Email resume

with references & photo to:

First United Methodist Church

1403 West Sunset Drive

Nashville, Arkansas


Phone: 845-3030