From the Pastor


FOCUS:  Potluck Luncheon Sept. 9

       With the start of the 2018  fall school year and Labor Day weekend heralding the end of summer, we have a window of opportunity to invite people who need or are looking for a church home.  Sunday, September 9 we’re hosting a Churchwide Potluck Luncheon after worship at noon.  This is a great time to invite others.  We are blessed each week to have 8-10 visitors worshipping with us and it’s each of you who reach out to family and friends to invite others to join us.   Jesus told His disciples,  “I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see how the fields are already white for harvest.” (John 4:35)

Our Mothers’ Day Out has already begun with the start of the school year;   United Methodist  Kids Club  will begin on Wednesday, September 12.  We are grateful that UM Youth will also begin on September 9th with a Scavenger Hunt with our youth parents volunteering and alternating meeting with our youth on Sunday evenings  as we get geared back up for fall, and our Scout Troop 61 is in full swing.

I hope you’ll be intentional to invite neighbors and friends to church with you.  On Sunday, September 9, our church will host a Potluck Luncheon after worship at 11:50 am.  This will be a great time to ask someone to visit and be our guests.

I look forward to seeing you in Sunday school and Divine Worship this coming Sunday!  I pray you  and your family has a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.

Blessings in  Christ,

Bro.  Daniel